Prenuptial Photos

My h2b and i were camera shy. I just wanted to try this Prenuptial pictorial just to be ready on how to smile on camera during our wedding We chose Ronac Art Center because its just nearand we dont need to travel far. Also, the room is airconditioned, thats just the request of my h2b for prenuptial pictorial is to be indoor and airconditioned. He dont want to pose with so many people around looking at us. Shy and maarte in a way.Here are the sample photos. ill give you details more about Ronac Art Center..  The good and the bad. I just want to post the photos here..

30 28 27 25 23 - Copy 22 18 - Copy 15 14 13 12.000 10 - Copy 6 5 3 - Copy 4 - Copy 1.0 - Copy 1 2 - Copy IMG_8501 IMG_8501 1 - Copy IMG_8501 thankyou3 wed1


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